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Tyskie Żywiec brewery promotion, let's go to you

Tyskie Żywiec brewery promotion, let’s go to you

On the Tyskie train, which arrived in ywiec on Sunday afternoon, a barrel of fresh beer was brought to a local pub.

In advertising for Tyskie beer, it was asserted that during Christmas “even the biggest competitors can shake hands with each other”. With this action, we wanted to go one step further in inspiring Poles to turn to you and show that our campaign isn’t just about words. Our experiences prove that the idea of ​​going to you over the booths goes to hearts. Tyskie’s Christmas train is a symbol of this positive attitude and a tool for building Christmas closeness – comments Jakub Michalski, Junior Brand Manager from Kompania Piwowarska.

In February this year. As part of the Tyskie connection, a meeting was organized between sports journalist Krzysztof Stanovsky and mixed martial arts fighter Marcin Nejman under the slogan “Let’s Go To You”.

This year’s Tyskie beer campaign kicks off with Train in the leading role in the second half of October. The brand’s advertising campaign was maintained in a similar agreement a year ago.

Gong Agency is responsible for the idea of ​​the Christmas train in Żywiec, and the event is supervised by Huta 19 im. Joachim Fersengeld is also responsible for public relations and social media outreach. Production is responsible for preparing the Tyskie train and coordinating its track, and Houdini’s production house was responsible for producing visual materials from the track.