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U-21 Volleyball Players: Poland – Argentina. Direct coverage and results

The Polish national team of under-21 volleyball players will play in a match for the bronze medal at the World Championships. Argentina will be competing in white and red. Direct coverage and results at

“Polish Dominators” – this is what young volleyball players from our country up to the age of 21 have been able to win gold medals at the World Championships beautifully for many generations. This year Biało-Czerwony will not be able to repeat the success of their old colleagues, but the brown disc will be a great achievement.

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The Poles started the Youth World Cup 3-1 against Cuba. Our players beat Bahrain 3-1 and beat Bahrain 3-0 as they planned to take first place in Group B of the play-off stage. The opponents were very strong in the next stage, but the Polish team defeated Brazil 3-1 and again Bulgaria 3-2. At the end of the group struggle, there was a 1: 3 defeat with Russia.

Our players finished second in Group F, i.e. the clash with Italy in the semifinals. Unfortunately, despite leading 2-0 in sets, the volleyball proverb proved to be true — who does not win 3-0, then … loses 2: 3. In the second round of the tournament, Italy was much better and became better with merit.

In the match for third place, the Polish team will play against Argentina, who lost 0: 3 to Russia in the semi-finals. The game was very even, as the first two sets ended in a favorable game. We hope that the Polish team can defeat Albicelestees and return home with the bronze medals of the World Championship.

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Live and Poland – Argentina match ends at 16:00

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