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Ubisoft+ ad for Xbox; “Rainbow Six Extraction” arrives on Game Pass on opening day

Rainbow Six llegará a Game Pass (Exclusive).

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Rainbow Six is ​​coming to Game Pass (Exclusive).

Without a doubt, Xbox is revolutionizing the way video games are consumed with Game Pass. A subscription service that gives access to the catalog of video games for a monthly fee. right Now, Microsoft announced that Ubisoft + will soon arrive on Xbox.

This subscription is currently only available for PC, and subscribers are allowed to access it Catalog of over 100 titles, including new releases and downloadable content from launch day.

As if that wasn’t enough, this isn’t the only joint news, but Ubisoft announced it too rainbow six extract “It will be a one-day addition for Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass members, allowing them to play on Xbox and PC since the game launched on January 20th.“.

They also add that “sainbow Six Siege Now available as part of Xbox Game Pass, it will be available to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and PC Game Pass members On the same day, giving PC players the opportunity to join in more action rainbow cx with your friends4.

Additionally, Chris Early, Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships and Business Development at Ubisoft, announced that rainbow six extract For Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass members, this is just the beginning. At the end, orWe will be offering the Ubisoft+ subscription service to Xbox owners so they can enjoy the full range of our Ubisoft+ game library, including new releases, on their consoles.“.

this is It does not necessarily mean that Ubisoft+ will join as part of Xbox Game Pass (as in the case of EA Play); However, it does mean that Xbox console owners will be able to access this service, as it doesn’t happen on PlayStation or Nintendo Switch.