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UFC 267: Peter Yan defeats Cory Chandakan after a big fight! Russian Provisional UFC Champion!

Peter Yan He won the gala on October 30th UFC 267 Temporary Phantom Weight Title. The Russian was defeated Corriego Chandakena By consensus after a fantastic fight full of stand-up exchanges.

From the start of the fight both fighters worked hard on their legs and attacked with low kicks. Yan quietly followed his rival, while Chandakan hit frequently. Petr and Cory fought, standing up, in a close match. Halfway through the round, the American looked for a downgrade, but Yan stood on his feet. Cory hit a Russian player in successive exchanges. Significant blow figures in the first installment were on the U.S. side.

Peter Yan continued to hit the opponent’s calf. Both players were eager to attack and the fight became more and more open. Chandakan worked successfully with boxing techniques, and he was the one who often hit his rival on the head. The Russian attacked the body with numerous kicks, resulting in Cory’s body turning red. A minute before the end of the round, Chandagen began to pick up, but this time, Peter did not allow himself to fall down. Yan and Chandagen continued their technical and exciting stand-up fight.

The third edition was passed on to the next stand-up exchanges. Peter was under pressure, but had trouble with Chandakan’s excellent leg work and cheating. When Yan hit the American in the jaw, the irritated man set off for a more dangerous attack. The Russians fought more and more aggressively. Petr locked under the sandbox net, and finally the decisive attack had the desired effect. Cory landed on the boards after being attacked by Yan, but managed to survive until the end of the third round. Great fight between the two.

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The Russians took the initiative in this fight with high confidence. In the fourth installment, Yan continued to exert pressure without slowing down, constantly attacking with successive blows. Chandagen tried to push the right straight opponent away. Cory went decisively slow and lost more transactions. Halfway through the round, Chandagen recorded a successful downgrade, but Peter began to deflect and the players went back to the standings. Yan saw that his rival was already suffering, and he became an easy target. However, Cory was not inactive and threatened Petrae in subsequent actions. Yan opposed the import attempt. The Russian insisted on efficient combinations at the end of the fourth round.

In the last installment of this fight, Yan and Chandagen stood up and continued this amazing fight. Yan retained the advantage he gained in this conflict, and time worked in his favor. Yan pressed forward and added strength to his feet. After a good start to the fight, Cory lost the initiative and took another series of blows from the opponent. After five rounds of a big fight, the Russian’s hand went up. The referees unanimously decided on the victory of Peter Yan, who won the interim Phantom Weight title.

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