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UK Drought: Watering banned for first time in 27 years

Britain experienced its driest July since 1935, according to Reuters. Only 35 percent of average precipitation has decreased and Many heat records fought in the country.

The heat continues. Authorities have issued heat warnings over the coming days in parts of England and Wales, where temperatures are expected to reach 37 degrees Celsius.

official drought

On Friday, the government decided to officially declare drought in parts of the country. It relates to eight regions, including Devon, Cornwall, Kent, London and the East Midlands, reports say. BBC News.

“We are better prepared than ever for periods of dry weather, but we will continue to monitor the situation closely, including the impact on agriculture and the environment, and take further action when necessary,” said Steve Double, Britain’s water minister. .

stricter measures

With the decision on drought, water companies can take more stringent measures to save water.

Several parts of the country have already introduced irrigation bans, according to reports Sky News. The last row in Yorkshire, where for the first time in 27 years, Yorkshire Water will forbid its residents, for example, from watering their gardens or filling swimming pools with a hose.

The hot, dry weather means the water levels in Yorkshire’s rivers are low and our reservoirs are about 20 per cent lower than we normally have at this time of year, Yorkshire Water Director Neil Dewes told Reuters.

More irrigation bans

Can even in London and the Thames Valley Irrigation is prohibited.

There are also warnings of “exceptional” fire hazards over the weekend. Some supermarkets are removing disposable grills from shelves, according to BBC News.

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Scientists believe that the extreme heat of Britain as temperatures rise this summer It would have been impossible without climate change.