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Now these groups can apply for crisis support – after the invasion

Now these groups can apply for crisis support – after the invasion

From August 9, companies in the livestock and greenhouses sector may apply for support for financial losses. Photo: MostPhotos

The Russian invasion of Ukraine increased costs, which hit farmers hard. The deteriorating global situation has increased the costs of, inter alia, fuel, seeds and animal feed.

From August 9, producers in the livestock and greenhouse sectors can apply for crisis support to cover these losses. Applications are open until September 20, 2022.

Support requirements

In order to apply for crisis support in the animal sector, you must have a production that includes one of the following:

* Pig Slaughter

* Pigs, older than 6 months, for the production of young pigs

* Dairy cows

* Other female cows are over a year old

*Male cows over a year old

* Sheep and goats over a year old

It is also required that the total value be at least SEK 5,000 and that production have occurred during February 2022.

To submit a crisis support request for the factories sector, the factory area must not be less than 250 square meters. It was active to grow fruits, berries, vegetables, mushrooms, sprouts, herbs and ornamentals during all or part of the period from February to June 2022.

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