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Ukraine is not satisfied with the counterattack

Ukraine is not satisfied with the counterattack

In the south, Ukraine reached the Russian defense lines in three places. But the counterattack is slow. Something is due to heavy mining, according to Lt. Col. Joachim Paasikivi.

– The problem is that there are more defensive lines and mines. So it remains to be seen if it will result in a hack or not. But Ukraine continued the initiative anyway.

“I don’t think the Russians will succeed.”

Meanwhile, Russia claims success in the Kharkiv region. Concentrating the Russian offensive on the northern parts may be a tactic to distract Ukraine from the counterattack in the south.

– I think the main aim of the Russian offensive in northern Luhansk is to divide the Ukrainians and get them to send reinforcements from southern Ukraine to make things worse for themselves. I don’t think the Russians will succeed in this, either detente or divide the Ukrainians.

You may adjust to the plan

Despite the slowness of the Ukrainian counterattack, Joachim Paasikivi believes that it is not too slow.

– These are two completely different front divisions, and if the Russians chose to deploy a lot of forces in Luhansk, then they would not be in Zaporizhia. There are pros and cons to everything and this kind of balancing is done on both sides, he says and continues:

– You have your own plan and you try to fight according to it and then reality comes in your way and then you have to adapt the plan.

So Ukraine complicates the situation for Russia

However, Ukraine’s plan for a counterattack to the south may be effective.

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– The aim of the Ukrainian offensive in the south is to reach as far as possible – preferably down to the coast to the Sea of ​​Azov, it seems difficult. But to get by no means to the fullest extent to cut off Russian communication and maintenance. If Ukraine could isolate them, says Joachim Pasikivi, they would have made the situation for Russia more difficult.

Pasikivi: Ukraine is not satisfied

When TV4 Nyheterna asked presenter Joachim Paasikivi what he thought of the Ukrainian military’s view of the situation, he said they hoped things would go faster.

– I don’t think they are very happy. But I don’t think you are disappointed. Now you have to put what you’ve got and keep working your way up, he says.

Why is it so slow?

– There is a large-scale Russian mining. Nearly millions of mines of all kinds are involved. From tank mines and anti-personnel mines to wire mines. Joachim Pasikivi says:

– Ukrainian soldiers are the ones who are crawling and clearing these mines. It takes time and it’s dangerous.