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Ukraine ready to start membership talks – Sydsvenskan

Ukraine ready to start membership talks – Sydsvenskan

A European Commission spokesperson confirmed that Ukraine and Moldova have met the EU requirements to start negotiations on EU membership.

Thus, talks on membership could officially begin – when member states agree.

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According to the Commission, Ukraine and Moldova met the remaining four and three EU criteria regarding, for example, anti-corruption efforts and protection of minority languages.

With this announcement, the decision is now in the hands of member states, which give the final green light to proceed when they agree. It is generally expected that Hungary will try to put an end to the ongoing operation in Ukraine.


Hungarians opposed Ukraine's membership in the European Union, citing dissatisfaction with Ukraine's treatment of the Hungarian minority. The European Commission wants membership talks to begin as early as June, sources told the Financial Times and Politico, to avoid the issue getting stuck when Hungary takes over from Belgium on July 1, with the country holding the EU Council presidency. Ministers.


Candidate country Georgia, which recently raised concerns by passing controversial legislation inspired by Russia, must continue to wait for negotiations to begin.

Membership negotiations are expected to take a long time once they begin. Actual membership of Ukraine and Moldova in the European Union is expected after years.