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"Uncompromising!"  Silverstone as the biggest race of 2022 for Verstappen - Motorsport

“Uncompromising!” Silverstone as the biggest race of 2022 for Verstappen – Motorsport

“It was a lot of damage reduction,” Max Verstappen says after the British Grand Prix.

The world championship leader twice took the lead from Carlos Sainz in the turbulent race at Silverstone, but was eventually forced to finish seventh (race result >>>) due to lower body damage.

“The speed at first was good. Then there was a huge bit of carbon on the track that damaged my entire lower body. You can’t do anything with so many problems in the car,” Verstappen explains on ServusTV. “I think it was the toughest race so far this year,” he adds to Sky.

Verstappen: “The car was almost indestructible”

Verstappen took the lead from Sainz at the regular start before the race was halted due to Zhou’s serious crash. In the second start, the running man Sainz held the lead firmly, and on the tenth lap he made a small mistake and left the track, and was immediately passed by Verstappen.

Just two laps later, however, the sudden loss of performance at Verstappen put the Spaniard back in the lead. Changing the tire made no improvement, and soon afterwards Red Bull noticed the damage to Verstappen’s bottom.

“The car was almost indestructible, I’ve lost a lot of time since then,” the Dutchman explained. Particularly bitter: Verstappen’s car was damaged by wreckage from sister team AlphaTauri.

“But in the end it was still seventh and I think that was a lot better than I expected after so many problems with the car,” says Verstappen, who remains the world championship leader for the Red Bull at home in Spielberg next week. “However, those were very important points.” WM- Stand >>>

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Perez: “Epic Final Laps”

Verstappen’s first World Cup stalker is teammate Sergio Perez. After colliding with Charles Leclerc at the start of the second half, the Mexican had to stop early and back off a lot.

With a lively race to catch up, he jumped himself past Hamilton and Leclerc for second. “We didn’t give up, we kept attacking,” Perez says. “It was one last epic roll.”

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