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US women fear being monitored – delete menstrual apps

More and more American women are now deleting their period apps after revoking the right to an abortion.

This is out of absolute fear that the information will be used against them.

If they try to sue a woman for her illegal abortion, they can access all the apps on her phone, including menstrual apps, says Sarah Spector, a defense attorney.

When the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, which guaranteed the right to abortion United States of America Many American women have removed their period apps. These reports Watchman.

The apps act as a kind of calendar and are used to keep track of your menstrual cycle.

Already when the proposal to abolish the right to abortion was made, women in the country began to delete menstrual apps, but in recent days this proposal has escalated.

Delete the app out of fear

The women’s fear is based on the fact that data saved in the apps could be used against them in future criminal investigations, in states where abortion is illegal.

A woman asserts to the newspaper that she removed her period app because she fears when she will be out and travelling, that her state could use her missed periods data against her.

– I will miss using the app a lot. Sometimes I wake up feeling really bad and I don’t know why. Until the app says it could be normal at this point in my cycle, the woman adds.

One woman said she deleted the menstrual app because she feared her country would use her data for missed periods against her.

Can be used as evidence against women

Like many other apps, menstrual apps save users’ data, and sometimes even share it. In those states where abortion is illegal, the attorney general can use this information against the woman in the investigation.

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“If they try to sue a woman for her illegal abortion, they can access all the apps on her phone, including the menstrual apps,” said Sarah Spector, a Texas defense attorney.

In the United States, menstrual cycle apps are very popular. One of them showed that a third of American women use such an app Study from 2019.

The apps help women in many different ways, from trying or avoiding pregnancy, to spotting early signs of health problems.

In the United States, menstrual apps are very popular – a third of women have used one.