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Brown Jackson sworn in as HD judge

Brown Jackson sworn in as HD judge

At midday in Washington, D.C., Brown Jackson took the oath of office by taking the two oaths required to take up the prestigious position. The oath was read to HD Judge Stephen Breyer, who took office at HD at the same moment, and to HD Chief Justice John Roberts.

“With all my heart, I bear the solemn responsibility to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States and to exercise justice without fear or favour,” Kitangi Brown-Jackson said, among others, according to a statement from the ceremony.

Brown Jackson, 51, was nominated in February by President Joe Biden and approved by the Senate in April of this year.

Then the nomination was called an honorary mission “for life”.

“We did it”

It took 232 years and 115 appointments before a black woman was elected to the Supreme Court. But we did. We’ve all done it, she said after Senate approval in April.

However, she took her new position during a turbulent time – just days after HD’s decision to repeal the right to abortion in the country, which led to protests and a backlash that spread beyond the US.

Jackson, who is considered a liberal, will now be one of the court’s nine justices. Stephen Breyer, 83, who will retire at his request, is also a liberal, so the current distribution of six conservative justices and three liberals will not change with Brown Jackson’s joining.

See when Brown Jackson is sworn in in the clip above.