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Vattenfall is building a giant thermos in Berlin. It will store the green energy of the city.

Svenska Vattenfall has started the construction of a power plant in Berlin, which can be described as a “giant lupine”. It is a water tank with a height of 45 meters where you have to heat the water with energy that is not used in the German electricity grid. This should then be possible to heat hot water in Berlin or if other energy sources are insufficient.

The water in the giant thermos will be heated by solar and wind energy that is not consumed in the German electricity grid. In a comment to the AP news agency about the new facility, Tanya Welgus, who leads the operations of Germany’s Wattenfall, says:

“It’s a huge thermos that helps us store heat when we don’t need it. And then we can release it when we need to use it.”
Sometimes you have an abundance of electricity in the grids that you can’t use anymore, and then you need to turn off the wind turbines. Where do we stand we can take this electricity.”

The plant will have a capacity of 200 megawatts, which is enough to supply the whole of Berlin with hot water required in summer and 10 percent of what is required in winter. The facility cost Wattenfall 50 million euros to build and will be operational later this year.

The Wattenfall facility in Berlin is currently the largest of its kind in Europe. However, a similar and larger facility is planned to be built in the Netherlands, the Associated Press writes.

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