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Vicky Kapoor's styling is stunning.  Fans: "Is she 14 years old ?!"

Vicky Kapoor’s styling is stunning. Fans: “Is she 14 years old ?!”

Author: Polsat Magazine Products

Vicky Kapoor revealed herself to the public 3 years ago – first she was the finalist for The Voice Kids, then she represented Poland in Eurovision Junior +, in which she won. The teenager soon became a star, he is very much in the media, and over the years Vicky has undergone a significant transformation that has not escaped the attention of vigilante fans. It started out naive, but his last Instagram photo provoked mixed emotions for some.

Vicky Kapoor participated in The Voice Kids and proved to be a beautiful 12 year old boy. Thanks to his incredible talent, he reached the final of the show, then won the qualifying rounds and represented Poland in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, in which he was able to win. She was unpainted. However, 3 years from the start of his energetic career, there is no trace of the former Vicky. Fans did not miss its gradual but drastic transformation.

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It started with a fringe, to be precise, it ended with Vicky Kapoor resigning from it. Then he began to use stronger and stronger makeup and over time the young singer stopped choosing “decent” styles. Learn how Vicky Kapoor is and what fans are imposing on her from Instagram. The young man threw the photo and many comments were heaped on it. Why?

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Vicky decided to wear a brown top with wide, hollow pants and straps. To this she added silver jewelry and a very strong makeup with an accent on the emphasized lips. The boy sat in front of the mirror and took a selfie. These comments have garnered praise not only from fans but also from friends in the show business sector. However, “Is she really 14 years old?” It was also noted that there is a fundamental question. Well, the coffee will be 15 years old in July.

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