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Victoria Kozievska - height, age, parents, brother, boyfriend, weight, income, Instagram

Victoria Kozievska – height, age, parents, brother, boyfriend, weight, income, Instagram

Author: Kamil Biklievich / Eastern News

Who is Victoria Kozievska? She is, of course, one of the most popular actresses of the younger generation. Victoria has played roles in productions such as Rhodesinka.PL, Friends, First Love and many more. In addition, he is incredibly popular on social media and has been a host of events. What do you want to know about her? Get to know her intimately.


  1. Victoria Kozievska – Age
  2. Victoria Kozievska – development
  3. Victoria Kozievska – Parents
  4. Victoria Kozievska – brother
  5. Victoria Kozievska – a boy
  6. Victoria Kozievska – Weight
  7. Victoria Kozievska – Revenue
  8. Victoria Kozievska – Instagram

Victoria Kozievska – height, age, parents, brother, boyfriend, weight, income, Instagram. Such phrases are often searched by Internet users. Victoria Kozievska Agatha is the youngest and most acclaimed actress to have played in the DVP2 Rodjinka.PL series. Audiences may associate this with other products, for example, Bryazyski, First Minos, Schroedron 3030. A true story, the colors of happiness, the fur of a bear, no one sleeps in the woods today, and the series from Bolsat’s funny things – Kowalski vs Kowalski. Interestingly, in addition to her roles in series and movies, Victoria has also appeared on entertainment shows. TV viewers had the opportunity to admire his dancing skills on the show Dancing with the Stars. Dancing with the Stars, where he co-starred with Oscar Digitiz. Then she appeared on the dance floor with her boyfriend Adam Zhtrajkovsky, it could not be any different, the couple took first place! What else do you want to know about her?

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Victoria Kozievska – Age

How old is Victoria Kozievska? The actress was born in Warsaw on March 11, 1999, in 2021 she celebrated her 22nd birthday.

Victoria Kozievska – development

How tall is Victoria Kozievska? The actress is about 165 cm tall.

Victoria Kozievska – Parents

Who are the parents of Victoria Kozievska? It puzzles many, but we know little about the actress’ parents. They are not related to the media, so we do not know what they do on a daily basis.

Victoria Kozievska sexy actress? It amazes with beauty from a young age!

Victoria Kozievska – brother

Does Victoria Kozievska have any siblings? Yes, the actress has three siblings – older brother Matthews, younger sister Nicola and brother Oscar.

Victoria Kozievska – a boy

Does Victoria Kozievska have a boyfriend? The heart of the actress has been occupied for a long time! Since April 2017, she has been in a relationship with actor Adam Zhrajkovsky.

Victoria Kozievska – Weight

How much does Victoria Kozievska weigh? The actress is proud to have a figure and of course weighs 50 kg.

Victoria Kozievska – Revenue

How much does Victoria Kozievska earn? The exact revenue of the star is not known, but there are reports circulating on the web that, for example, being L’Oreal’s star, he got 200,000. P.L.N. Remember that he has starred in movies, series and more! Kozhevska, no doubt, can boast of really high revenue.

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Victoria Kozievska – Instagram

Victoria Kozievska is active on Instagram. You can easily find her by entering her name and surname or nickname wiktoria_gasiewska in the magnifying glass. More than a million people have already seen this star!

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