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“Victory was possible, but we wanted the road too,” Colette enjoys

“Victory was possible, but we wanted the road too,” Colette enjoys

And the national coach returned to the card against Hungary (81-40) on Monday evening. He also talked about putting together his roster for EuroBasket 2022.

Vincent Colette (France coach, After the card against Hungary ) : «I keep a defensive attitude from the start, there was a completely different aggression that we couldn’t put on Friday (against Montenegro) which doesn’t match the identity of the France team. We found him tonight. With the support of that, we were able to develop team play much faster. The team was weaker than it was on Friday, and they were having a hard time traveling too… But if we had that attitude, we would have won easily last Friday… (…) We would have reacted. We all assumed we didn’t do the right thing on Friday, the player and the staff, and we wanted to show another face. We knew victory was possible, but we wanted the road, too. Tonight, the contract expired, but we left a small game behind (the defeat in Montenegro, editor’s note) which would have allowed us to approach Stage Two very comfortably. We are still at a disadvantage. It will be necessary to win the window matches before the Euro. We will have the Euro team at that time. We’ll be in the best mood and I hope that’s the case…

Euro list revealed this week? It won’t be easy…it’s a privilege. We know players like Yvan Fournier, Rudi Gobert, Moss Bean, Gershon Yabusel or Timothy Lawu-Caparrot, who were the pillars of last year’s squad, will be there. And the others, maybe there were … Anyway, we will not leave with 12 plus a few partners, the group will be larger, because unfortunately we will have to choose. But we will try to do it quickly because the preparation is short. Every time we have to choose, we waste a little time. I want it, very quickly, we have 12 euros. Theo Malidon? He’s talented, and we actually saw him on Friday. But I think today, compared to what he has been told in the last couple of days, he made more defensive efforts and because he succeeded in attack, his game was better. He’s one of the players we have to lead, his coach in order to progress because we’re going to need these guys to do something. The absences of Nando De Colo and Nico Batum will not be filled with ease as one might sometimes think.(on beIN SPORTS)

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