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Amazon gives rewards to its subscribers through Prime Gaming. fall men No exception, because every month they usually give out a new “look”, as well as coins to use in the video game for free. To get this prize, you just have to link your accounts.

Users can use any type of Amazon account, because in many cases, Some only have a Prime Video subscription. For this, they must first link their account to an account Twitch And thus be able to access the benefits Prime gaming.

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How do I link my Amazon account to Twitch?

In 2014, Twitch was acquired by Amazon due to its huge popularity. for this reason, Many had a different account for each webpage. This allowed users to link their accounts to receive all of the company’s benefits, including rewards from Prime gaming.

1. Go toAdjust‘ in Twitch And look for the sectionlinks“.

2. Connect your account to Amazon (You can use the Prime video In case you only have a subscription to this).

in this way, You will now have access to all Prime Gaming rewardswhich is only available to subscribers. Prizes are not just limited to fall menbut also for a variety of games, so it’s important to be familiar with these games if you want to take advantage of your ‘sub’.

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How do I get the Prime Gaming Prize for Fall Guys?

full access to Prime gamingIt remains only to link an account fall men with whichever you have Amazon. This is done very easily and takes a few minutes.

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1. Enter the game from the platform you want and go toAdjust“.

2. Go toProfile personly“select”link amazon account“. a Code with instructions. Follow them and then you can claim the reward.

3. In Twitchgo to the button with the crown, icon Prime gaming. Look for the reward fall men and enter .

4. Inside Look for the available prizepress it and a A new window indicates that the reward has been claimed successfully. Your linked accounts will appear at the bottom so you can check if everything is OK.