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(Video) Robert Whitaker wins with Kelvin Gastelum after a real fight

In the battle of the evening party UFC Vegas 24 Encounter a former middle class champion – Robert Whitaker And the Kelvin Gastelum. On top of the benchmarks, Robert Whitaker turned out to be a better player, who turned out to be better on points after a real fight.

Both gentlemen were very active at first. Lots of chess, escape and dynamic movement with punches. Gastelum was constantly applying pressure, but canceled the right sickle at first. Then he stopped a little from his open charge. In the end, Whitaker hit his opponent with a high kick, staggered but did not fall. The hit series also didn’t end with Kelvin Gastelum. Three minutes before the end of the first edition, Robert knocked out his opponent and went on to win.

The following rounds showed that this engagement had great potential for a good fight. In the third installment, we saw a lot of boxing on both sides, a little bit of dirty action – a thin stand-up collar. In the melee, Gastelum had an advantage, but direct hits of Robert Whitaker were devastating, as well as having loud kicks. Both men used low kicks often.

Nothing has changed in the penultimate installment. Competitors were active, Gastelum was looking for removals, but the Australian changed his position well and did not allow the fight to be taken to the ground floor. Looking at Kelvin Gastelum’s list, it has to be admitted that he looked his best from his last few shows in The Octagon. Despite this, he couldn’t stand Robert’s straight hits, and he didn’t quite adjust to his opponent’s range advantage. The straight left and high-kicks deserve praise in Whitaker’s arsenal in particular.

In the final round, Kelvin opened up to war. He knew there was little hope for points, especially after the first five weak minutes. Sure, it was the start of America’s latest installment, he was messy in his attacks, but he scored points. Finally, two minutes before the sirens sounded, Robert Whitaker scored a penalty and did not let go until the end of the match. In the last 30 seconds, the Australian was behind his back, but there was not enough time … a big duel.