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Viewers decompress Arthur’s “Le Grand Concours”

Viewers decompress Arthur’s “Le Grand Concours”

The core brand of TF1 since 2002, “The Great Competition” It’s back Friday, July 15, for the summer special. If the show’s iconic host, Carol Russo, made way for Lawrence Poccolini in 2018, another host was chosen to embody the game, in 2021. It was Alessandra Sublette. who has since announced the end of her career as a host. But instead of stopping the show permanently, whose audience has been stagnating for a few years, TF1 preferred to find a new face of it – this time male – Arthur. What completely changes the atmosphere of the program, rather formal … although for some time the concept of the game seems to be more oriented towards relaxation and humor. A slider that Arthur decided to push to the limit, Friday night, to attend his big premiere.

As he was not himself a “Grand Concours des Animators”, Arthur gave himself the freedom to invite his comedian friends, such as Elie Simon, Florent Beer, Janvi Janssens, Gilles Alma, Lola Dubini or Titov. There was also Baptiste Giacconi, Camille Cerf, and Laurent Maestreet. Lots of characters that we regularly find on the site of another Arthur show, “Everything’s Allowed on Friday”. What particularly annoys TF1 viewers, who expressed themselves on Twitter. ‘Obviously the show was supposed to be called ‘Le Grand Concours de VTEP,’ ‘Arthur clearly doesn’t have ‘Le Grand Concours’ shoulders. Before, it was a very serious competition. This evening is fun (with people only from VTEP) “,” Cacophony, a game that doesn’t progress, guests watch and watch again, it’s like being in VTEP. The new version of ‘Grand Concours’ with Arthur is an announced failure. Time with Carol Russo misses a lot ”, we can read on social networks.

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Another point that saddened the audience: the very low level of questions. On Twitter, those who are nostalgic for the Carol Russo era are clearly letting their anger be heard.

The result: only 2.3 million French were connected to TF1 on Friday night. This is the third lowest score for “Grand Concours”. »