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Who is Dakota Johnson’s co-star in “Persuasion”?  – Finance

Who is Dakota Johnson’s co-star in “Persuasion”? – Finance

It premiered this weekend Netflix the film Persuadewhich in turn is an adaptation of the latest posthumous novel by Jane Austen.

In which, Dakota Johnson take a turn Anne Elliota girl from a caste family who lives regretting the fact that they separated her from her great love, Frederick WentworthBecause they are from different social classes.

However, this story has certain characteristics that are far from the period novel, as it presents a The protagonist is empowered and more freedom.

Also, the Dakota star, Cosmo Jarvisis the one who gave life to Frederick Wentworth and managed, in addition to adding a bit of his personality, to capture the public’s attention.

Who is Cosmo Jarvis?

Harrison Cosmo Krikorian JarvisCommonly known as Cosmo Jarvis, he is a British-born American actor, musician, and filmmaker 32 years old.

In fact He started his career in musicbecause in 2009 he released his first album titled Humasyouhitch / Sonofabitch. Two years later, it was published Is the world strange or am I strange?from which comes one of his greatest hits, “Gay Pirates”, which even has a Youtube video.

In 2020, he released his third and final official album – so far – titled Think largerwhich collects 20 pieces of music.

On the other hand, his acting career started in 2012 with the movie naughty room, where he had the role of Todd Kennedy; He was also part of the cast Ghost: the common good.

Although it wasn’t until 2015 when he first auditioned for a role in Lady Macbeth (2016), also from the period in which he gave life to Sebastian, with whom he obtained critical approval.

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He was also a part of other productions such as Agriculture (2018), extermination (2018), submarine mission (2018) y Calm with the horses (2019), to name a few. also participated in meager masks during the fifth season.

It is interesting that the actor is of Armenian origin You don’t have any social media profiles, so you can only follow the path through interviews or with the products you will be participating in later. Well, on his YouTube channel.