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Warsaw.  Southern Hospital Court: Illegal confiscation results

Warsaw. Southern Hospital Court: Illegal confiscation results

From the beginning of the epidemic, we announced our willingness to cooperate with the government and we cooperated in the fight against the epidemic. Unfortunately, when it comes to the problems of the Southern Hospital, this collaboration is, lightly – very, very bad. Because the rulers took this hospital from us and from Warsaw and Warsaw residents without any justification. The verdict of the provincial administrative court clearly confirms that there is no reason to take the southern hospital – Rafa Trasaskovsky said today.

Trzaskowski: The court ruling shows the great humiliation of the ministry

The mayor of the capital cited several points from the justification of the decision of the provincial administrative court. – In the justification we read, Inter Alia, the Minister of Health issued the decision to take over the Southern Hospital, without legally informing all parties and persons concerned about the commencement of proceedings. There was also the wrong resolution of the parties to the action. This decision was also not provided to the parties. All of these bugs and flaws can be listed and listed. The hospital – which is the most important thing – was taken from Warsaw residents and residents in violation of the law. That’s why we want it back – said Troskovsky.

Unfortunately, this hospital is poorly managed by the commissioner appointed by the minister and is more and more indebted. We had the idea that this should serve everyone with postovit problems. Unfortunately, this hospital is not used today. Furthermore, this hospital will not be able to treat people with COVID-19 disease and there will be other infections in operation, meaning the burden will shift to the shoulders of other city hospitals. Today there is no justification for this hospital being in the hands of the ministry, being poorly managed and its debts rising at an avalanche rate. Therefore, after this court ruling showing a great humiliation of the ministry, we demand that this hospital be returned to us, because the consequences will be very serious – the head of the capital insisted.

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Let us recall that Southern Hospital, as a temporary hospital for those with Govt-19, has been operating for the first time since February 15 this year. From that day the patient was admitted there. Eventually, the facility should have 300 beds, including 80 breathing beds. At the end of March this year, about 60 patients were detained at Southern Hospital. There were about 100 ready-made beds, according to capital city officials. However, the problem arose due to lack of adequate staff.

It lacks 300 beds

Mazovian Voivod, Konstanti Radzievich, decided that the pace of the hospital system was too slow and asked the Ministry of Health to appoint a government commissioner for him. The head of the ministry, Adam Nidzilsky, agreed and announced on March 26 that he was a doctor. He withdrew from the ceremony.

– The main reason is the lack of space for patients in the temporary hospital – explained the head of the ministry. – This is a political decision. We have 30 percent. Readiness after one month, and only 25 percent at the National Hospital. Needed after six months. Why not the Commissioner? – Then roared Renata Kasnovska, vice president of Warsaw.

As stressed by the capital authorities, the government bulk never, during the entire period of the third wave of the epidemic, allowed 300 patients, but did not even come close to this figure. At the height of the third wave, the hospital had 150 patients for some time. At the same time voivode and the minister also issued further decisions to close wards in other municipal hospitals by creating cove beds.

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In May and later in June, when the third wave of the epidemic subsided, Warsaw officials asked the minister to return the hospital. They proposed a schedule of arrangements for the facility to receive patients with Postovit complications.

It stands almost empty and generates losses

– Our goal was to begin the process of transferring wards from Solek Hospital. We plan the duration of the branch transfer process to be 3-4 months. At the same time, we wanted to rehabilitate Pokovit patients at Southern Hospital. Our application does not satisfy the interest of the minister, who insists that the hospital will be in the hands of the ministry and “wait for the fourth wave” – ​​the capital city hall.

About 10 to a dozen or more patients stay in the hospital for several weeks. It is almost empty and creates huge losses. Therefore, PLN applied full authority to the city to recapitalize the company to the tune of 20 million. How much will be lost by the end of this year.

Warsaw appealed against the decision to introduce the Minister of Public Administration to the Provincial Administrative Court, alleging that the Minister had no basic evidence to introduce the Commissioner, and accused the Minister of violating several provisions of the Rules of Administrative Procedure.

On July 29, the court, in a closed session, delivered the judgment we received in writing. The court overturned the decision, and its publication – in gross violation of the law. The court fully shared the status of the city. He pointed out that the minister did not conduct administrative proceedings properly, did not investigate the case, did not conduct testimonial proceedings, and he issued this decision only at the request of Vovod – the health service counted today by the Vice President of Warsaw Renata Kasnovska.

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Kasnovska: We want the hospital to be handed over to us tomorrow

Furthermore, Minister Nidzeilski did not invite the city to study the evidence, did not allow him to comment on the evidence collected, and misrepresented those involved in the investigation. Furthermore, the provincial executive court pointed out using the so-called ministerial law that allowing the Govt to act at its discretion should fully investigate the matter.

The law makes it clear that a lawyer can only be appointed if there is a “particularly reasonable case”. This means that the minister must not only assess the situation specifically and collect materials, but also justify his decision. The court also questioned the minister’s report on the management of the Solek hospital, pointing out that the decision was “vague and questionable” because Ms. Vaikowska, as head of the hospital, had a duty to make 300 beds. The same president who appointed the minister as government commissioner – points out Kasnovska.

At the same time, the mayor of Warsaw this morning asked that the full authority of the hospital be handed over to the authorities of the capital tomorrow.

– The Minister may appeal to the Supreme Court against this judgment. Renata Kasnovska, however, insists that the provincial executive court ruled that the minister’s decision should not be overturned, but overturned, meaning that the hospital must return to the city regardless of the minister’s right of appeal.