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Warsaw.  The Airbus Beluga first landed at Sobin Airport in Oaxaca

Warsaw. The Airbus Beluga first landed at Sobin Airport in Oaxaca

The Airbus A300-600ST Beluga landed at Sobin Airport in Oaxaca on Tuesday evening. This is a real treat for aviation enthusiasts who can appreciate Beluga for the first time in the capital.

The Airbus Beluga landed at Sobin Airport at 21.14 on Tuesday, December 21st. He flew from Marseille.

– The plane is in Tormack. Its shape sets it apart from other machines. There is an airport team, service work on the machine is underway – described by reporter Artur Węgrzynowicz after 9 p.m. – There were aerial photographers, also known as spotters, for whom the appearance of such an aircraft in Warsaw was a real treat – our correspondent added.

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The engine will depart from the capital’s airport after 10 a.m. – according to the plan, it will depart at about 11 a.m., but due to the fact that it is a transport aircraft and not a scheduled flight, it will actually fly. Stay away when it is ready. He has a scheduled flight to Moscow – Piotr Rudzki told us from Sobin Airport.

– This plane is the first landing at our airport – Rutsky insisted.

On Tuesday evening, on Twitter, the AIB Family Flights (Airbus’ crowdfunded aviation data analysis project) announced that the plane was taking a helicopter to Japan.

Airbus beluga, like the whale

According to, the Airbus Beluga (Polish: Beluga or Białucha) is actually an Airbus A300-600ST (Super Transporter) model, a modified version of the Airbus A300 aircraft. Its official name is Super Transporter, but the name Beluga is more commonly used. Why? Due to the specific appearance of the aircraft similar to the Beluga whale (Beluga whale) belonging to the dolphin family. Beluga occurs in Arctic waters.

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Key Photo Source: Artur Węgrzynowicz /