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“Pharma” on Polsat from January

A dozen brave “city dwellers” begin their “beautiful” adventure on an abandoned farm in the backyard of the Noteć forest. If any of them dream of a carefree vacation under a pear tree, they will be severely disappointed.

There will be a lack of urban amenities, and the horizon will glow with the sight of completely new responsibilities that city dwellers never even dreamed of. Running water, internet, telephone, daily urban amenities, and instead, work from dawn to dusk. Will the participants get used to the new lifestyle and will Pharma become their second home? In this extraordinary adventure, participants will accompany – Marcelina Zawadzka and Ilona KrawczyńskaThose who act as leaders.

“Farm” A reality show in which participants become accustomed to the conveniences and charms of big city life and live in situations they never knew existed. Getting up early in the morning, caring for and caring for animals, working in the fields, eating only when they are allowed to breed and their duties are restful. In addition, the struggles for survival, as well as the tasks that make difficult decisions, are not always in their nature. In a word – it is not easy, it turns out that after the initial conflict with the conditions on the farm, not everyone is ready for what awaits them.

For the project to survive and succeed, the farm dwellers must cooperate with each other, testing their survival instincts and the strength of their character. Will I be allies, fights, intrigues, but friendly, maybe even romantic? Each week a participant bids farewell to the farm. Weekly
Some participants have to say goodbye to the farm, eventually only one will win the Super Farmer title and 100,000 slots!

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They will embark on a challenging adventure with the participants Marcelina Zawadzka and Ilona KrawczyńskaTrying to support the “farmers” who are heading towards success from day one!

The show will air on Jan. 17 at 8:00 p.m.
Managing producer of the show Constantine Entertainment Polska.