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Complete the Adventure of File Revelation - - KKS Lech Poznań

Complete the Adventure of File Revelation – – KKS Lech Poznań

Tomorrow and the day after, the expression of the current matches for the Polish Cup will stand in the way of Lech Poznań. The Olimpia Grudziądz team reached the 1/2 final, the biggest win in almost 99 years of history. The removal of Warta Poznań or Wisła Kraków is already Olympia’s huge success, another manifestation of the Polish Cup, which wants to stop shortly before the Grand Final.

Throughout history, Lech Poznań often ended up dreaming of Cup revelations. For example, 7 years ago, in the 1/2 final, Maciej Skorża-led Kolejorz knocked out then-second league club Błękitni Stargard. The Lechites lost 1-3 at home, winning 5-1 after extra time (piece in photo) and advancing to the Poland Cup final. In the past, completely anonymous teams reached the semi-finals and finals and then they were thrown out of the European Cups at the green table so they would not accidentally mock Poland in Europe.

The first club to win the Polish Cup was Stahl Libini, currently operating under the name “Nabrosot” and currently playing in the Lower Leagues. After removing Stall, Kournik Radlin, Warda Bosnan and Okosimsky in the 1950/1951 season, Prescesco stood alone and lost 1: 2 to Bologna Warsaw. In 1954 Kournick Radlin excelled at the Polish Cup. Kornick Jabres. During the 1956/1957 season, he was only suspended in the Union Raceforce semi-finals, currently playing in the District League. In turn, in the 1964/1965 match, Czarni Żagań reached the final. Polonia Bytom, Pogoń Szczecin, Wisła Kraków and ŁKS dź. In the final, Czarni fell to Kournik 0: 4, but they were still promoted to the trophy winners because they were the Polish champions at the time.

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The Polish Football Association did not want to compromise in Europe, so Czarni took the right to participate in the European Cups from Żagań and wanted the Żagań club to play Legia Warsaw, the leader in the league. UEFA did not agree to such a thing, eventually preventing any Polish club from playing for the trophy winners. The following year, Szombierki Bytom were eliminated in the quarterfinals and their presence was only in the semifinals. In the 1967/1968 season, the Baildon Katowice club, which had not been around for a dozen or more years, reached the halfway point of the Polish Cup, which had a much easier path to this stage. Five years later, PKS won the Odra Wrocław National Cup. The now-defunct club reached the semifinals and were eliminated along the way, for example, Kournik Jabres, Wisla Krakow or Arca Kdinia.

In the 1976/1977 season, the unknown Orzeł Łódź fought in the Poland Cup. It reached 1/4, knocking out Lech Bosnan, Ruch Sorsov and Wisla Black on the way. In the 1979/1980 Games, that is, the memorable final against Legia Warsaw in Czestochowa, Grobry Kulogov and Stall Szczyn excelled. The two teams met in the quarterfinals, in which Crofree turned out to be 2: 1, with its popularity growing over the years, having lost in the 1st league. In the 1982/1983 season, the most depressed Lechia Gdansk reached the Polish trophy, playing with Juventus Turin in the European Cups. Five years later, Kornick Walfrich was on the move. In the first semi-final he defeated Lek 2-1 at home, but he had already lost 0-3 in Bosnon, and it was the Colgores who played in the final, beating Legia Warsaw on penalties to win the Polish Cup.

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In the 1980s and early 1990s, Mieszko Gniezno also performed well. The club lost to Wielkopolska, for example, Śląsk Wrocław, Szombierki Bytom or Gwardia Warszawa, but in the quarter-finals it was washed away by Legia Warszawa. Górnik Pszów was in the quarterfinals of the 1993/1994 season, removing Lech Poznan along the way, still one of the biggest embarrassments in the history of our club. A year later, Coljorz was not ashamed of himself. In the 1/4 of the National Cup he saw the exciting Jesiorak Ila, who beat him 3: 1.

In the 1995/1996 season, Pogoń Oleśnica advanced further to the semifinals. Meanwhile, he fell along with others Slask Wroclaw, Olympia Bosnan, Lek Bosnan and Kornik Zabrez. Two years later, the aluminum cone made a sensational appearance in the final of the Polish Cup, after extra time at Bułgarska St. In the decisive battle of, Amika lost to Vronky. After 2000, in the Polish Cup, among other things, Kuzaviyak Voklavek, R.K.S. Radomsko, Radomiyak Radom or Stall Sanok, who mocked Legia Warsaw. In addition, after 2010, for example, Znicz Pruszków, Gryf Wejherovo and Ruch Zdzieszowice came a long way in the Poland Cup.

Since 2015, with the exception of the Blue Stargards who invited Zbigniew to the Boniek National Stadium 7 years ago, Wigry Suwałki has been far behind in the Poland Cup in the 2016/2017 season, losing slightly to Arka Gdynia in the semifinals. Pyotovia Pyotov played in the quarterfinals of the 2017/2018 Games, a year ago, when the second league Sojinisanga Sojnis reached the semifinals. Now, it is a sensation to be in the semi-finals in the form of third league player Olympia Krutzikats, it should be remembered that this club has not even played at the midfield, it is in the 4th position, which causes a high knockout impression. In the 2021/2022 season than Błękitni Stargard 7 years ago.

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