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Ukasz Zwoliński throws gloves at the Polish delegation.  "I believe the numbers three and four are within my boundaries."

Ukasz Zwoliński throws gloves at the Polish delegation. “I believe the numbers three and four are within my boundaries.”

Łukasz Zwoliński gave an interview to Jakub Trecia from “Przegląd Sportowy” and expressed confidence that he would be called up to the national team because he did not feel inferior to many Polish delegates.

Center forward joined Lechia Gdańsk in February 2020 and quickly gained a strong position in the team from the northern part of Poland.

In the current season, he has the best number in the “White and Greens” line and has the opportunity to score the best games for the Polish Championship in his performance.

For this reason, Łukasz Zwoliński tried to throw gloves at several Polish delegates, and he admitted in an interview with Jakut Tresia that he did not feel inferior to some of the selectors Cheslav Miknevich. Group “Piolo-Reds.

– Our team has Robert Lewandowski, the best striker in the world, Arak Milik, he has achieved a lot and has not been below a certain level for a long time. I believe the number three and four levels are within my range. I do not feel worse than Adam Buxa, Chrisik Pitek or Carol Svitersky – the 29-year-old admitted.

– I know everything is on my feet. All three were in extraclass and could go abroad to play a good season in Poland. Getting a call from there can be easy, but like I said, coach Michwich can appreciate the best league players in our league. I know my value, I feel good, I know I have a chance if I keep my good mood – said Lechia Gdansk striker.

Svolinsky has scored nine goals in 25 games played for points this season. In this respect, he only excelled in the Pokோன்mon season in the 2014/2015 Games, finishing the fight with twelve goals in his account. From April 2015 to June 2016 he had the opportunity to begin his collaboration with the coach of the current Polish national team, which was in charge of “Portowców”.

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You can read Jakub Trecio’s full interview with ukasz Zwoliński On the “Przegląd Sportowy” website.