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Watch the surveillance video from the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School

Watch the surveillance video from the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School

The surveillance film shows Salvador Ramos crashing his pickup truck outside Robb Elementary School and then entering the building with a semi-automatic rifle. Then you hear gunfire for more than two minutes.

Several minutes later, police were seen arriving at the school. Then they take shelter at the end of a corridor adjacent to the two classrooms where the shooting takes place. Then it will take another 77 minutes before the police storm the building.

sharp criticism of the police

Texas Governor Greg Abbott initially praised the police for their handling of the shooting, saying they showed “remarkable courage”. He later admitted that he had been misled regarding the police response.

Since the incident, the police have been criticized, especially for waiting for more than an hour before confronting Ramos.

The video is very deep and disturbing. A senator from Texas told Reuters that they had to wait more than 70 minutes is heartbreaking, and I think it is indefensible.

Victims’ families are upset

The publication of the video angered the families of the victims. State Security Chief Stephen McCrow wrote on Twitter that he was “deeply disappointed” by the newspaper’s decision to release the video and that family members of the dead and injured should have seen it first.

The Austin Statesman says the video was posted with the goal of “continuing to pay attention to what happened at Robb Elementary School, something that the families and friends of the victims have long demanded,” Reuters writes.