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We know when Hargas will finish the match.  A controversial decision.  "Disrespect" tennis

We know when Hargas will finish the match. A controversial decision. “Disrespect” tennis

During Monday’s match of the Hurricanes with the second player in the world rankings, the competition was very tough. Although the tennis player from Vroga lost the first game 2: 6, in the next game he bit his opponent, knocking him down at the tiebreak, giving him only two points. In the third set the Russian turned out better, winning 6: 3, beating the Hurricanes only once.

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“Iga Świątek learns from Mattek-Sands. They may win some slam in future”

Hurkas’ game with Medvedev was interrupted and moved. When will it restart?

In the fourth set, Pole took the lead with Medvedev 4: 3, who controlled the game, but unfortunately for Pole it began to rain on the courts, meaning his encounter was interrupted. However, the organizers did not move it to another court so it could be completed in a single day, they scheduled it for Tuesday, in federal court.

Federer comments on the disruption to Hurricanes’ competition. “Let it rain again tomorrow!”

Now we know the perfect time to start the match again. Hurgas and Midvideo will open Tuesday’s match at the Federal Court on Tuesday at 2:30 pm Polish time. They will be followed by Iga Wistek against Arna Sabalens, Once Upon a Time, and then world number one Ashley Party Ajla Domljanovic.

Controversy over the organizers’ decisions regarding the Hurricane competition. “It’s so much fun”

However, the decision of the organizers of Wimbledon caused a lot of controversy. Fans in Twitter posts announcing such a solution pointed out that it was “disrespectful to the players”. Why? According to them, after the match between Roger Federer and Lorenzo Sonny had ended the previous day’s match at the Central Court, it chose Medvedev, the future rival of the best Harrocks pair. It will be a famous Swiss country.

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Ubs Jabir in the game against Iga ŚwiątekTunisian media responds to Ika ąwiątek’s failure That is what the fans called Once Japur

“So they’s going to be the first center court game the next day, but now that Federer and Soneko’s finished 40 minutes they can not play? It’s so much fun,” the fans wrote. However, this decision was mainly made by broadcasting the meeting. Tuesday’s deadline is very appealing to TV.

Live broadcast of the completion of Hubert Harkas’ game with Tonic Midwit in the fourth round of the competition on the Sports PL and Sport PL live application.

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