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Harrocks interrupted the match during a murderous fight.  The wonderful act of a pole [WIDEO] Tennis

Harrocks interrupted the match during a murderous fight. The wonderful act of a pole [WIDEO] Tennis

Hubert Harkas fights very equally with the second player in the ATP World Rankings. Although the tennis player from Vroga lost the first game 2: 6, in the next game he bit his opponent, knocking him down at the tiebreak, giving him only two points. In the third set the Russian turned out better, winning 6: 3, beating the Hurricanes only once.

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Service so far in this game is important. In the first set, Tonic Medvedev broke the pole twice, once in the third. Second, Hurgas never defeated his opponent at the tiebreak when he never gave up a pass. For now, unfortunately, the Pole has never been able to break its enemy. Hargas had only one break in the entire match. He did not use it because the Russian showed up with a successful service.

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Hurgas interrupted the match

Harkas bravely faces the world’s second-most competitor, who sometimes has to climb to the top of his chances of winning points. This is what happened when Medvedev showed a beautiful strike at a rally in the fourth set. Although Hurgas did not leave much space for his rival, he was additionally impressed by a rope that he did not win a point.

The game was interrupted by Harkas 4: 3 in the fourth set. There was no improvement at the party, both men held the pass, and Medvedev was about to serve the next one. However, the crowd was disrupted due to rain. In court number two, uncovered, the grass is covered with a special sheet and players wait until the weather improves.

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However, it is unknown whether this will happen on Monday. Weather forecasts are not very hopeless and even hours are not conducive to long waits. Maybe Hurcas and MidVideo will go to one of the two main courts, which will be closed and this will help end the competition. However, this decision must be made by the competition organizers.