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We played Forza Horizon 5

We played Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5 evokes great feelings right from the start. no wonder. It is one of the best racing game series, the previous part of which was almost universally considered near perfect. Could anything go wrong?

We spent many hours with the beta – exclusive to Xbox Series X, connected to a 4K TV. From this game emerges a picture of a game that is technically exceptional: with beautiful and magnificent landscapes, stretching to the distant horizon, as if shot in real Mexico, and with cars spoiled in every detail, where the quality of details, fidelity, but also the visual aspect in general will simply amaze fans the cars.

Amazing weather effects. The first entry into the sandstorm is a harbinger of strong feelings in the future, in which we will be able to compete with other players, which we could not see in the preview: it was part of the beginning of the campaign, without active multiplayer modes.

Spectacular views characterize the latest Forza

Just look, while crossing rivers, near the ocean or lake, how the water multiplies here, but its essence is rain and wet asphalt – a very beautiful and realistic view.

Although part of the campaign, some traditional activities, and some racing were made available, we were able to explore the entire Mexican map. Its creators boast that it contains the so-called eleven. Biomes, i.e. areas with significant differences in terms of vegetation or topography. We’ve made some twists and admittedly there’s a lot to see and in the end you can’t be afraid of a lack of variety, quite the opposite!

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We begin by descending around an active volcano and mountainous terrain. Of course, if we see a mountain on the horizon and it is within range of the map, we can get into it. Then we move into the forest, which is really vast and is dotted with many narrow and gravel paths and roads – there will be something to do there.

We leave the forest through the tunnels to find ourselves on a long bridge and ??????????????????????????? The east coast, where we reach the northern part of the map, is where we find the largest city in the game. It is not a city with skyscrapers. But the city is located in a mountainous area, so street racing can be very exciting here.

A sandstorm entered, but we only got to know some of the effects of the weather and its changes in the season

We also have more extensive plains with farmland, as well as meadows and cacti that extend to their zenith. And in the southwest, on the shores of the ocean, a desert, covered with asphalt roads, and closer to the water, rich summer houses and even a hotel resort.

All this arouses great sympathy And we can’t wait to see what the tracks will look like in such a different environment in the final version. The beginning of the game puts us more or less in the middle and this is where we started the game.

As always we can play with car customization, both technical and visual tuning are a lot of fun

And so, after the first hours, when feelings subside, like dust after a car has passed, We’re starting to see the first scratches on the statue of unshakable perfection.

Forza Horizon 5 is similar to its predecessor in almost all aspects. Whether or not this is an objection depends on your point of view. ?? four ?? It came close to perfection and we all knew the difficult task of the creators in proposing something new and new, not only in terms of maps and technology. No breakthrough changes are expected, and many, many items have been moved alive, without even a slight patch. We’ll see if any surprises are left for the full version of the game.

We invest skill points in developing car features – one at a time. The system evaluation time will come only in the final version.

The races are varied, the driving is equally fun, and with all the help, they are suitably demanding. There is nothing to complain about. However, the roads provided, apart from the new sights, did not surprise anything new, and in terms of design they were similar or even less technically attractive than those of Forza Horizon 4.

However, it’s important to stress that these first few races were in the least attractive area and we’re looking forward to racing elsewhere with World Participation. And multiplayer mode.

Surprisingly, there has been so little progress in the physics of things. So what if our jeep is rushing across a picturesque cactus-covered plain, when every bumping plant leaps in front of us like Minecraft bricks. Yes, the plants break into smaller pieces, but it still looks quite artificial – as if we were driving a bulldozer or a bulldozer. It is similar to the stones that come out from under the wheels in a funny way.

Perfect representation of the cabin – the forest in the background

You can get the impression that Forza Horizon 5 is a tech show for a new generation. The game runs and looks amazing on Xbox Series X, even in 4K with 60fps. In the second option, we get 30 frames per second, but the quality of the environment, along with the rays of ray tracing, is simply not ground for the capabilities of the console. The next generation of full mouth. It is a pity that you cannot get out of the car and walk around to enjoy the view.

Forza Horizon 5 is going to be amazing. Sure enough, while we haven’t seen enough yet, we have seen too little to be able to fully experience the diversity and learn about the other routes and activities. It’s better to calm your emotions than play with expectations from the ceiling – it’s Forza Horizon, after all. New players will be thrilled, and veteran fans of the series will know what Forza is and what it is best for, and where its weaknesses lie.

Premieres November 5 for PC and Xbox Series X/S. The game will be available on Xbox Game Pass in Polish (subtitled).