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We wanted to create resistance in the open world •

We wanted to create resistance in the open world •

Sony was not interested.

Days Gone’s director was interested in creating the next installment in the Resistance series for Sony, but the Japanese company was not interested in the title.

Jeff Ross – who we’re talking about – has caused controversy recently by saying about selling his title – and the ghost of Tsushima. Then, the developer, who left Bend Studio in 2020, appeared on David Jaffe’s broadcast where he revealed more behind-the-scenes information.

He was talking about a period after the release of Days Gone when they were looking for a new job for the studio. The topic of direct follow-up arose naturally.

– [Pomysł] It was analyzed at a higher level than studio level, but I don’t think it went very far. Instead, Part 1 was said to be a disaster and didn’t sell well, so let’s give them something to do?? Ross remembers.

As the director adds, he was eventually offered a revival of the classic Siphon Filter series.

– Honestly, I had no idea how to reset the Siphon filter. I wasn’t interested. This was thrown around so we had things to do, like?? Hey why don’t you do this Siphon filter while we come up with something we believe in more??. He explains, I don’t think it was a real idea.

Ross was more personally interested in Resistance, a shooter from Insomniac Games for the PlayStation 3.

“I have an idea to resist the open world,” he says. – We had all these open world gameplay mechanics… The concept was almost self-written, and there were a lot of elements in the series that fit perfectly in the open world. But they weren’t interested.

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