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Webb’s telescope was in orbit. “He will reveal the secrets of the universe”

The rocket was launched from the European Space Agency’s Cosmotrome in French Guiana at 13:20 Polish time on Saturday, and is to be carried by the James Webb Space Telescope – according to NASA, “a machine that reveals secrets. The universe” was launched as planned. This will be one of the most complex and dangerous missions in history.

The mission is scheduled to begin from the Cayenne Space Center at 13:20 Polish time. The telescope will be launched into space by the Ariane 5 rocket, which will launch its 1.5 million kilometers and 29-day journey to the new telescope landing L2 liberation point.

Weather conditions are expected to be favorable for departure. Already on Friday, several balloon-probes were launched, allowing you to constantly monitor the weather. “So far, only rain and especially storms have played tricks, forcing the mission to postpone,” AFP writes Saturday.

Webb’s Telescope: We only care about the weather

– Weather is the last element we need to focus on – Jean-Marc Durand, deputy director of the Department of Aerospace in French Guiana, stressed in an interview with the French company. “If we’re talking about the weather, it’s because everything else has been done right, it should be checked before the final countdown,” he added.

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The launch of the James Webb Telescope into space is the culmination of a project that has been repeatedly delayed for more than 25 years, consuming $ 10 billion (many times more than the original budget) and decades of work by scientists in the United States and Europe. And Canada.

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Built by defense firm Northrop Krumman, the laboratory is the largest, most modern and powerful space telescope to replace the Hubble telescope that has been in orbit for 31 years.

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