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Welcome to the South African Rugby European Cup

Welcome to the South African Rugby European Cup

Next season, three South African teams will compete in the Champions Cup. At the expense of the Welsh and Scottish counties. At the risk of overworking the players a bit more and distracting the faithful.

Next season, in the Champions Cup, there will likely be a Stormers-Stade Toulousain, Bulls-Montpellier or Sharks-Bordeaux label. For those who didn’t follow, the former Pro 14, the same former Celtic League, became United Rugby League by merging four South African franchises along with the Irish, Welsh and Scottish counties, not to mention the two Italian clubs.

A melting pot of 16 teams will be ruling soon. But, one day from the end, the sharks (currently 3 . are already certain toH), storms (4H) and bulls (6H) in the top eight, qualifying for the “big” European Cup (only the Lions franchise, 11H, will not cross the cut). So there will be posters against South African opponents next season.

With only one representative, the Scots and the Welsh would tell the time, and back off.

Oval ball version of globalization. With his victims and harms. The victims are already known. There will be only one Welsh county in the Champions Cup next season (Scarlet or Ospreys). Only one Scottish team (the winner of the fiery showdown between Glasgow and Edinburgh on the last day). And again, no more Italian actors. If Ireland does well by qualifying its three main counties (Leinster, Munster and Ulster), then Connacht is also a side victim.

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This is clearly bad news for European rugby. The European Cup is the intermediate level between the domestic competitions and those of the national selections. With only one representative, the Scots and the Welsh would tell the time, and back off. As for Italy, it is losing all prospects for progress. At the same time, rugby in South Africa will take the opportunity to strengthen itself a little more. It is also possible to provoke frustration, and even a feeling of injustice, which Georgian, Spanish or Portuguese teams, whose fate is not mentioned, can take, for example, at least promotion to the Challenge Cup.

Twelve hours flying, less recovery time

harmful to European countries. And very worrying for the players involved. In the extended seasons, without stopping, as the body is subjected to more and more stress, and injuries are more and more frequent, more and more fatigue will accumulate on them. Admittedly, and this is the argument put forward by EPCR, the organizer of this tournament which no longer has much to do with Europe, and the South African Confederation, there is no time difference. Still happy. But there are twelve hours by plane between France and Pretoria (the Bulls), Cape Town (Stormers) or Durban (the Sharks). Less time for active recovery or complete rest. Additional trips for mental fatigue Also, professional gamers are already spending a lot of time away from their homes and loved ones…

The last point to decide. This addition, if it pleases the shareholders of the EPCR and the treasurer of the South African Union, will it entice supporters? Will the audience come in large numbers, for example to Deflandre or Gerland, for a meeting between France and South Africa? Will fans get excited about this increasingly misleading competition (12-team groups and complex qualification system)? Or will this improper arrangement of countless players surely keep them out of this Champions Cup tournament? Who has long since abandoned the term European Cup. Priory…

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