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What products do Colombians spend the most money on Halloween?

What products do Colombians spend the most money on Halloween?

According to the Rappi app, which is located in nine countries in Latin America, the average Colombian in Halloween invests over $45,732, which means total 4.1 million things related to Halloween, which is the number that has increased by 24% compared to the previous year.

Among these requests, the most requested categories were: Alcoholic drinks with 15,000 ordersMakeup 8200, sweets 7300, sweets 3200, appetizers 1480.

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According to Julian Mallorca, head of global monetization at Rappi, “These orders increased sales for restaurants and vertical supermarkets, through Rappi, by 31%.”

On the other hand, he said that “For the rest of the month, the Colombian rhinoceros is waiting 2 million additional requests On the occasion of this celebration revived thanks to National Vaccination Plan and Economic Revitalization“.

Estimate work starting from October 2020And, given the behavior of October 2021, this month is expected to be soon 6.2 million requests in categories Related, Which means an increase of 24%.

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It should be borne in mind that this increase is largely due to the natural growth of the application.

In Colombia, 66.5% of the active users on Rappi, they invest in Halloween, in Mexico 59.4%, in Brazil 63% and in Peru 68%, those who spend on items that allow them to enjoy the scariest dates of the year.