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WhatsApp Business has new news and software

WhatsApp Business has new news and software

Why is it important to use these tools?

Calling the business and waiting minutes, sometimes hours and days, for a response is a thing of the past. Which is, as a customer, clicking on the WhatsApp icon and being served within seconds to discover simple things, like opening and closing hours of a business or product availability, is something that is done very effectively for businesses.

It is becoming more and more common for small and large businesses to implement instant messaging services to communicate with their customers. This is called Conversational Trade It is revolutionizing the way we work and consume business.

according to Studio Auronix One of the biggest challenges for e-commerce businesses is making customers feel listened to and shut out. For this reason, conversational trading has emerged as a business strategy to fill the void left by customer service centers. With this approach, companies can value their customers as individuals, treating them as if they had just walked into a physical store.

“We live in a world where people spend more than 4 hours a day on their mobile phones and spend the vast majority of that time sending and receiving messages. Thanks to tools such as chatbots, businesses gain various advantages, among which are significant increases in sales. For example , 40% of people who buy via WhatsApp have never made a digital purchase,” explains Martín Urrutia, Co-CEO of Auronix.

In a conference with Auronix, they explained that companies using instant messaging have four benefits:

  1. Automate and simplify your operations
  2. They sell more (40% of people who buy via WhatsApp have never made a digital purchase)
  3. It cuts costs by 85%, because it’s cheaper to attend by texting.
  4. Improving the customer experience
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WhatsApp: One of the Tools in the Chat Business

says Norma Hernandez, founder of the company craft gifts . But this is no longer a problem for Norma because, thanks to these tools, she has enabled a chatbot with a message indicating to customers that they cannot come to them at this exact moment, but that they will answer soon. “It makes them feel very calm,” Norma explains.

According to data from Auronix customers, tools such as WhatsApp are 6 times more effective than SMS because they allow up to 95% of communication with the consumer to be automated. For this reason, the value of conversational trade is expected to double by 2030, to the tune of about $60 to $70 billion.

Norma gives another example of this, stating that they have closed many sales because, through Whatsapp Business, they tell their customers “stories” of their products through pictures or emojis. “We’ve done bids in alebrije or the alebrijes themselves send messages to customers asking them to please buy them, and customers end up buying them,” he says.