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WhatsApp: How does the dangerous virus attack in unofficial versions?

WhatsApp: How does the dangerous virus attack in unofficial versions?

currently, The WhatsApp It is the most widely used communication tool in the world (with more than 2 billion registered users) Thanks to this state, its users are often the target of attention of cybercriminals.

For this reason, constantly Platform releases updates which aims to strengthen the fix security vulnerabilities which may eventually endanger users’ privacy.

However, a good part of Application users They usually use it Applications developed by third partiesOh Unofficial versions of WhatsApp, on their devices to be able to integrate customization options into the platform and thus have tools to change the look of the instant messaging tool.

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An example is the use of applications such as Whatsapp plus, unofficial version, which adds functionality for Modify the application interface colors, along with other tools that alter the operation of options such as “double blue check”, connection time, and user visibility.

Although you are too Features can be very eye-catching, users of the popular instant messaging platform do not realize that when using this type of file WhatsApp apps o “Modify” It gives cybercriminals a chance to infect a device. .

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Recently there was a A new virus affects WhatsApp users that they have installed on their phones, the unofficial version known as “FM WhatsApp”, this malware infects the smartphone and then It automatically starts downloading another type of virus to your computer.

According to a report by Kaspersky, A company specializing in cyber security, this A new virus called “Triada” It is part of the Trojan horse malware.

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How does the Triada virus attack?

According to a report Kaspersky, Triada virus hides on the user’s computer and after downloading an application of the user’s choice on his computer.

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Later the virus starts Create ads on the user’s computerIn addition, the victim will start subscribing to a series of services without their knowledge. Moreover, malware will start Intercept all personal information (Social network accounts and passwords, along with banking information), that you have saved on your phone.

The company specializing in cyber security also warns thattrinity that it Very annoying virus Because once a computer is infected Controlling your actions is very complicated. For this reason, the company warns that it is best to stop installing unofficial versions of WhatsApp that lack safeguards to protect devices.

Finally, the brand determined it Colombia already has about 636 reports of affected users with this virus. The Spanish-speaking country hardest hit was Mexico, with 2,474 cases.

Please note that when using These unofficial versions, the possibility of creating a security breach is always created, Which can be exploited by professional hackers WhatsApp accounts hijacked.

For this reason, inside WhatsApp Terms of Use I know It is forbidden to use these unofficial extensions It is noted that the account using these “modifications” may also be Locked indefinitely.

Recommendations to avoid becoming a victim of the “Triada” virus

  • Always download apps from official stores like Play Store, App Store, App Gallery, Galaxy Store.
  • Unofficial versions of the application are not supported, so it is better not to use them
  • Never disable two-factor authenticationUnless you forgot your password and need to change it.
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