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WhatsApp starts bringing new time limit for deleting messages

WhatsApp starts bringing new time limit for deleting messages

There are many reasons why a user might want to delete a message sent via the popular messaging platform WhatsApp, either to a specific individual contact or to a specific group.

The arrival of the function in 2017 that allows you to delete a message sent to everyone who received it has been well received among users of this platform, and over time, This function extends the time limit that users have to repent and delete their message in full view.

It started with a (ridiculous) 7 minutes, though it became over an hour for the user to delete their message in full view.

The most recent one happened at the beginning of last February, when WhatsApp left the time limit at one hour, eight minutes, and 16 seconds.

At the time, it was already clear that the messaging platform was working on a new extension of the time period.

The new limit is already here, but for now for some

This new time period of 2 days 12 hours is starting to become a reality for the lucky few who are using the current beta version of the app for Android devices that just hit the Google Play Store.

This means that for now, not all users who have the latest beta version of WhatsApp for Android will be able to reach the new time limit.

According to WABetaInfoAnd the This new time period will be extended over the next few weeks to include more Android beta testers, Although it is not known at the moment when it will become available to everyone, either through a future stable release or perhaps also through server-wide activation.

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In this way, users will have more than enough time to go back and remove their message from the device for everyone who received it, leaving the dynamics unchanged for the moment, that is, users will know when a message has been deleted even currently.

The mentioned portal also indicated that WhatsApp is also working on enabling any admin in the group to delete a message posted in it, although we will have to wait for the time being.

This futuristic feature will undoubtedly be appreciated, especially when posting messages with strange, suspicious links. It will be a matter of waiting for all these improvements to arrive.