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Google is dead It became very popular during confinement due to COVID-19 epidemic in 2020, since no one could leave their homes to avoid infection, users started downloading the above-mentioned video calling app to actually meet up with your friends, family or co-workers; However, the app just announced the arrival of a new feature that not many people like.

Google’s application makes changes that users do not like at all, for example, at the end of March 2020, when the platform began to be very popular, Meets You mentioned that video calls won’t be unlimited if more than two people are involved in one call, if that’s the case, you only have 60 minutes at most. Now, Mountain View has indicated that Meet will take you out of the video call after 5 minutes, why and on what occasion? We will explain that below.

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Why Google Meeting will kick you out of video calls after 5 minutes

Through the official blog of The Google You would have known it in case you found yourself Only in a video callAfter 5 minutes, a notification will automatically appear asking if you are still connected.

Here you have two paths to choose from: the first, which ends directly in the room; The second is to continue to wait for the guests to join the video call, but if you do not respond to the message that appears, the video call will be closed. It is undoubtedly a feature that works against everyone, as many users create a room, send invitations and perform other activities while people are connected.

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Google highlighted that the tool will be gradually arriving to all users from April 11th, similarly, the feature will be enabled by default on all the devices in which it is used. Google is deadBe it computers, laptops, tablets or mobile phones.

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