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WhatsApp: This upcoming feature provides you with some steps

WhatsApp: This upcoming feature provides you with some steps


WhatsApp will soon have a new feature that will save you a little time. We’re revealing an upcoming feature that’s currently in beta.

WhatsApp may have a new feature soon. (Source: WABetaInfo)

  • There may be a new functionality for WhatsApp soon.
  • So far, this new feature is still in the beta stage.
  • You no longer need to memorize numbers to be able to send a message to them.

A new beta version of WhatsApp has been launched, to announce an upcoming feature that will give you some extra steps for new numbers.

how WABetaInfo Announces, there may be a calling function for new numbers soon. Until now, when you receive a number, you can just add a contact or call the number.

With the new function, WhatsApp automatically checks if the number is stored on WhatsApp so that you can write to the person without having to enter the number in the phone book.

If the number is not stored in WhatsApp, the “Chat with” option will not appear. In this case, you can always call the number.

This is what it is now

It is not yet known when exactly this new feature will appear. However, if you want to test the functionality now, we will tell you how to participate in the beta version.

With a trick you can send messages that are not in your address book without WhatsApp beta numbers.

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