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WhatsApp will enhance the security of files in the cloud for Android

The new update will also protect files stored in the cloud. (Photo: Reuters/Dado Rovich/Archive)

WhatsApp is increasingly adopting measures related to cyber security and the Information Security of its users.

The last procedure includes a private encryption To get the information of your recorded chats in the cloud to retrieve them whenever you want.

Although WhatsApp already has End-to-end message encryption, this security measure did not exist in duplicate a Backups Security, so far.

Beta version of the latest WhatsApp update ( It includes testing of the same end-to-end encryption, though with a special focus on information stored in the cloud, according to WABetaInfo.

This news will make more than happy news because it means another stage in the process of securing your information against it Possible hacker attacks Or the ultimate spies who want to review your data hosted in the cloud.

Of course, with more protection measures, Security steps are also increased To ensure you receive the same information.

With the advent of encryption for the cloud, this will also be necessary Create a new specific password for data that you saved using this method. On the other hand, if you don’t want to create a whole new password, you always have the option to arm 64-digit personal encryption code to protect your data.

Keep in mind that if you lose your password or encryption code, you will have to completely say goodbye to all the files, chats and messages you hosted in the cloud; For your own safety and for your own sake, Information will be permanently blocked حظر If you do not remember the credentials to access it.

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If you are interested in this news and want to share it, just be a part of beta user group From the latest updates. On the contrary, if you prefer to wait, in the near future this news will reach all devices running the operating system Android.

This news comes at the right time, after WhatsApp announced to enable the option Connect the cell phone and four other devices Through a separate link, that is, it does not matter if your smartphone battery is dead to be able to use WhatsApp on other platforms.

The interpretation of cryptographic integration in the cloud fits right in now The data will be accessible through different platforms on time. However, the platform has not yet clarified whether encrypted backups are unique to the mobile version or if they are also available in the sync version between multiple devices.

At the moment, it has not been confirmed whether this new encryption is available for devices iOS, although it is possible that it can be adopted depending on the result in the given test time for Android users.

This wave of news regarding security and privacy protection by WhatsApp does not seem to be slowing down, although we will have to wait a little longer to find out what else. More news will arrive with upcoming updates from the messaging app.

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