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WhatsApp przypomni ci o Gadu-Gadu. Tej funkcji brakowało jak diabli

WhatsApp will remind you of Gadu-Gadu. This job was missing like hell

WhatsApp is working to extend the status system. Apparently there is nothing special, but in Poland the stated mechanics evoke only one connection – the classic GG.

If you have ever used Gadu-Gadu, you will probably remember a very useful option, which was undoubtedly an option to set the condition invisible. Recall that thanks to it the user can Stay online without telling others.

Of course, modern communicators often implement similar solutions, but WhatsApp is not the case. Alternatively, you can only hide your last historical status, and only from those not on your list. However, the current Constantly in plain sightSo even strangers can see it when chatting. Fortunately, the end of this carefree.

WhatsApp working on status invisible

More specifically, the option has a more descriptive name and reads: Who can see when I’m online – WABetaInfo website reports. As expected, it will be possible Not only hide global status, but also create rules for specific contacts.

Admittedly, the effects of the described function have appeared at the moment Only in the beta channel, but it is a standard process for posting news on WhatsApp. Another thing is that the post cycle was often very slippery It’s hard to predict a possible date Introducing the option to hide online status for production.

One thing is for sure: when such an option is not turned on, there is no doubt about it Many people would welcome him with open arms. Certainly, we live in an age of Internet showmanship. The question is whether this was a fully conscious decision or Stockholm Syndrome.

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Image source: Rahul Ramachandram / Shutterstock

Text source: WABetaInfo, ed. king