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Who did he serve?  Dangerous move by the Inter goalkeeper.  The Italian champions lead Serie A. [WIDEO] Pinka Nona

Who did he serve? Dangerous move by the Inter goalkeeper. The Italian champions lead Serie A. [WIDEO] Pinka Nona

The favorite of the game is undoubtedly the current Italian champions, who beat Genoa 4-0 in the first round of the season to become the leader of the Serie A table. The match against Hellas Verona started for them in the worst possible way.

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Handanovich’s dangerous mistake. He was the one who gave Inter to Hellos until the break

Already in the fifteenth minute Samir Handanovic made a dangerous mistake. The Slovenian goalkeeper took a long time to decide whether to kick the ball that hit his foot in the inter penalty area or find a teammate to play with. He decided to pass the penitent after a moment.

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The ball hit Inter’s defender, but the pressure on him, Ivan Ilik, ran sixteenth with her and defeated Handanovic with a lobster shot over Sloveni. Hellos’ 1-0 score lasted until the end of the first half.

Inter’s new acquisition was a success

However, after the break, Inter started the second 45 minutes with a goal through the weight of a draw, two minutes after the restart. Games Laudaro Martinez scored. However, the situation of the Italian champions was difficult – they did not want to lose their points in the tournament.

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Eventually, at the end of the match, Inter won. A new addition to the Milan squad, Joaquin Korea scored the first goal in the 83rd minute to secure his side’s victory in the fourth minute of stoppage time.

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The Italian champions are still leading Serie A.

Inter were the leaders of Serie A with six points in their record. Hellos is currently nineteen and has no points with a goal of 3: 5. Only the last Venice is bad, but the second round is still waiting. In the next Serie A game after the national break, Inter will play against Zamboria, and Helles will face Polona. Both matches are scheduled for September 12.