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Who is behind the scandal and the "big mistake" that took place after the 18th Sophie match?  - Super Express

Who is behind the scandal and the “big mistake” that took place after the 18th Sophie match? – Super Express

Author: PAP / Wojciech Olkuśnik

The 18th International Piano Competition has been postponed to 2021 from last year due to the closure of Friedrich Soap. This year’s edition took place on October 2 at the National Philharmonic in Warsaw. Voting ended last night. The results were announced on the main faade of the National Philharmonic. Arbitration panel headed by Professor. Katarsina Popova-Zydro decided that 12 participants representing 10 countries would advance to the finals. Eva Georgian is not on the list of pianists presented. According to Piotr Anderszewski, this is a big mistake.

The results of the final edition of the Sophie contest were announced publicly Wednesday night through Thursday. First place went to Bruce (Xiaoyu) Liu of Canada. Next to them, Alexander Godzev took second place, representing Italy, Slovenia and Kyohe Sorida of Japan. The third place winner was Martin Garcia Garcia of Spain, while the fourth prize went to former Japanese Amy Kobayashi and polar Jacob Guzlik. Fifth place was taken by Leonora Armellini of Italy and sixth place was taken by JJ Jun Li Pui of Canada.

18th Soap Match. 24-year-old winner, polar high! Who is Bruce Liu?

See the gallery above: Bruce Chopin Champion

He received the Alexander Godziev Award for Best Performance by a Sonata, funded by Christian Zimmerman. Masurka was awarded the Polish Radio Award for Best Performance by Jacob Guzlik, and Martin Garcia Garcia won the National Philharmonic Fund Award for Best Concert Performance.

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Piotr Anderszewski disagreed with the judge’s decision

Of the 12 finalists of the competition, the representative of Russia and Armenia, Eva Georgian, Chinese Hao, polar Kamil Pacholk and Korean Hugh Lee were not awarded. According to the best Polish pianist, Eva should be one of the winners of the Georgian Prize.

“I only listened to certain parts of the competition on the Internet. However, I could not understand that Eva Georgian was not among the recipients of the Talented and Sensitive Musician Award. It shocks me.” Anderszewski said.

Do you agree with his opinion?

Pianistka Eva Zvorkian
Author: Eva Georgian / Instagram
The 17-year-old is competing in the 2021 Soap


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