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Wilfredo Leon quarreled with Vital Heinen? “I am affected by emotions, too.”

Jerzy Mielewski: You have good connections with Olek Śliwka. You can see that you have a chain of understanding. Olek became the best player in the UEFA Champions League Final, just like you in the colors of Zenit. It’s a big deal for him.

Wilfredo Leon: exactly. Olek played exceptionally well in the final and undoubtedly deserved the title of best player. I wasn’t in the final, because my heart hurts so much – I wanted to play this match myself, but I watched the whole match and watched Olek’s performance.

There is another famous name in Poland. Camille Seminyuk was appointed to the national team for the first time. How would you rate this player? It looks like he’s made enormous progress. How do you see his future with the national team?

A very good player and his teammate off the field. He talks little, but he does a lot.

You’ll admit that when it comes to acting and your site as a host, the competition is fierce. Wilfredo Leon, Michae Kubic, Thomas Fornal, Bartoche Koalic, Bartoche Buddenurs, Alec Alyuka, Camille Seminyuk …

Artur Zalbuck

We can exchange and exchange this way. Perhaps no representation in the world has such potential.

exactly. On my site, we have a lot of good players and thanks to that, the coach has a lot to choose from.

You and Mishai Kubik are mentioned as an absolute certainty. You are convinced that you are going to the Olympics.

(Laughs) I work a lot and it works. I do my best with every training session.

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Your career has been fueling her. You finally found Zenit Kazan, with whom she has achieved everything. Tell me about Russian volleyball, what happened there? You are a god there, says Bartosh Bednors, who represents the colors of Zenith. Why do many Poles fail in Russia? However, this is a specific league. Everyone who returns from it says that it is not an easy thing. I did it. Why does this happen? Of course you are a great volleyball player, but the mindset out there has to be specific to be successful.

The Russian League is the toughest and it’s not just about volleyball. You travel a lot and therefore don’t have much time to rest. You have to work hard in the gym to stay in shape. Second, Russia is a great country and the time zones change frequently. For me, this is a big minus. I played there for a long time and won a lot. What helped me a lot in Russia was a mental problem. My family, with whom I spoke every day, helped me a lot. I managed to avoid depression during the four years I spent there. It certainly isn’t easy to play in Russia.

Should you have cheered on Partytech Bednors? This season was not what Bartek dreamed of. Have you talked about that?

Yeah. I think he played well. Maybe not everything was done perfectly, but he has shown that he can play at a high level in Russia.

ZAKSA Kędzierzyn-Ko elimle spent Zenit en route to the Champions League Grand Final. You and Perugia won the vice-title of the Italian championship, and in the Champions League you also knocked out as Zenith. Have you talked about ZAKSA? How would you rate the performance of this team during the season?

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In my opinion, Zaksa played amazingly well.

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Did you expect ZAKSA to play volleyball well?

I honestly didn’t expect it, but after every match I liked it. Their road was really hard to reach the final as they showed they are the best. A big applause for ZAKSA.

Have you ever seen Nikola Gerbich cry?

I saw him in Verona, in the Champions League. Great job for the coach, great work for the players and the entire staff.

Say it honestly. Have you ever had a fight with Vital?

Definitely. Sport is a passion and I know Vital doesn’t do it on purpose. I am also affected by emotions. Everything is fine between us and we quickly forget such moments.

Do you love each other?

Yes Yes.

We calmed down. The League of Nations begins on Friday. You will play 15 matches. All meetings can be watched on Polsat Sports Channels. For you, this event is, however, a preparatory phase for the Olympics. This is how you deal with it?

Exactly, but we are ambitious and we don’t go out on the field just to play a match. In the League of Nations, we also want to achieve success which is why we aim for a medal, but also mainly for proper preparation for mental games.

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Jerzy Mielewski, agb, Polsat Sport

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