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With the approval of the LFP Disciplinary Committee, Reims leaders handle arbitration

The disciplinary committee of the Liberal Football Association met on Wednesday and did not spare the Reims stadium. Jean-Pierre Caillou, President of Reims, was sentenced to ” Six suspended matches including three suspended matches, off the bench and the referee’s locker room and all official ceremonies Mathieu Lacour, his general manager, received six suspended matches resolutely.

Decisions that did not pass by Stade Reims, which responded on Friday via a press release, strongly attacked the referee: “ While players, coaches and leaders are constantly monitored, evaluated and judged, it is incomprehensible that men in black are also not of such interest. In this sense, it seems urgent to adopt reforms aimed at developing this very difficult profession, but undermined by the silence and ambiguity that it sometimes shows. “

The captains also took the opportunity to warn the referees about the way the club is being governed, at the dawn of the second half of the tournament. : “We regret, in a purely realistic way, a certain number of refereeing errors that affected the first part of the season. In addition, the Stade de Reims is the team that suffered the most unfavorable decisions after resorting to VAR. It is usual to say that the errors are balanced Over the course of the season, the club and its supporters have been eagerly awaiting the second part of the tournament to be able to verify this adage.”