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With the Star Alliance from the plane to Deutsche Bahn

With the Star Alliance from the plane to Deutsche Bahn

DrDeutsche Bahn has become a member of the Star Alliance, an alliance of 26 airlines, including Deutsche Lufthansa, Thai Airways, United, SAS and Air New Zealand. From August 1, it will be possible to book a connecting flight with Deutsche Bahn with all these airlines, so it will then appear on your flight ticket and you will no longer have to buy your own ticket for a train journey. This would facilitate access to and from the airport and help avoid short-haul flights within Germany.

Manfred Kohler

Head of the Rhein-Main editorial team at the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

On Monday, representatives of Star Alliance, Lufthansa and Deutsche Bahn spoke of starting a “unique partnership,” as they build the future of travel, the goal being a “smooth customer experience.” Lufthansa offers the option to include a train journey when booking an airline ticket for more than two decades. This is currently used by 500,000 passengers a year, according to Jeffrey Goh, CEO of Star Alliance. This number is expected to rise to five million by 2030.

Guarantee of contact and seat reservation

On Monday, no one expected how much the other Star Alliance partners would benefit from the new offer. The fact that passengers have to take care of their baggage themselves during the train journey does not change, as they cannot check it at the boarding station. However, everyone can use the check-in desk at the long-distance train station at Frankfurt Airport. Anyone who uses the Star Alliance partner frequent flyer programs can take advantage of the new program as far as train mileage also earns points. But they are missing then when collecting points in Deutsche Bahn.

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An advantage for travelers who have a ticket for a train journey is the guarantee of connectivity. So if ICE arrives late from Frankfurt, the airline has to see how it can get the passenger to their destination. If a train ride is booked with the flight, this includes a seat reservation. Those traveling in business or first class can also use the DB lounges. Star Alliance President Goh spoke of a unique partnership that links the largest airline alliance, which also includes Germany’s largest airline, Lufthansa, with Europe’s largest railway company. “It is a sign of innovation based on the pursuit of environmental sustainability.” After many years of collaboration between Lufthansa and Deutsche Bahn, this is the next step towards multimodal mobility.