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WoT: Free Premium Tank and Bonuses to Celebrate the 11th Anniversary of the game

WoT: Free Premium Tank and Bonuses to Celebrate the 11th Anniversary of the game

August 11, 2021, 21:02

World of Tanks first appeared 11 years ago. On this occasion, loyal players can count on gifts from the studio, including a free premium Soviet tank.

world of tanks What joey 11 latitude. Studio you will honor The upcoming anniversary of the game’s release with a special event that will take place from August 12-23 until 8:00 Poland time. If you are logged in to WoT-a Seven times, you’ll receive various gifts, including a one-day premium account and coupons that can be redeemed no later than 24 hours after the celebration ends. Moreover, at the first launch of the game, the developers will give you a premium tank of the fourth level: the Soviet T-34 mod. 1941. You will get the vehicle with 100% trained crew and garage space.

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Apart from the 11th anniversary attractions, it is worth noting the recent appearance of Update 1.14. Besides, new heavy tanks for Czechoslovakia and a map of the safe haven, inspired by Japan in the sixties, where you can hear the music composed by the legendary Aki Yamaoka are featured in the game. They are also field upgrades for vehicles, thanks to which we can improve the characteristics of selected tanks. Beside WoT The front line mode is back, and novice players will be able to fully learn the maps using the new Training section. You can read about the details at The game’s official website.

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