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You can now withdraw up to $2000 in Oxxo stores, from which bank?

Mexico City. – Many Mexicans are looking for Perform banking transactions quickly and effectively, Luckily In Oxxo . stores It is very simple. It even added another bank, Santander Bank.

The best thing is that Santander users will be able to go to these institutions and get paid Wide schedule, from six in the morning until ten at night.

There will be no excuse to withdraw money on Sunday or public holiday, because Santander services will be available 365 days a year in Oxxo stores. Unfortunately No longer receiving deposits from Citibanamex.

The maximum amount will be $2000 per transaction However, for Santander customers, this process will depend on the availability of cash at the Oxxo cash desk.

The cost of each transaction will be $15 including VAT., which is very acceptable.

There is no doubt that Oxxo stores have become a financial partner, because according to the National Commission for Banks and Securities (CNBV) is the main bank correspondent in the country, it is currently adding 20,962 points for making payments or bank transfers.

This represents 43% of the total points in the country.

For his part, the CEO of Operation Red de Santander, Ernesto Higuera, specified that with this agreement they are expanding their banking offering across the country and enhancing financial inclusion.

Santander currently offers more than 9,500 ATMs in the country, but this will be expanded through the network of Oxxo stores.

We are aware that part of our stores are located in locations where financial services are difficult to access, so today we are adding another offer, such as providing cash to Santander card holders,” explained Santiago Rivera, Oxxo Services Manager.

With information from Santander

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