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YouTube Music to remove videos from the free version | NNDC | Technique

Youtube He announced a change to the service offered in the free version of YouTube Music, which from November will stop showing music videos for audio-only playback.

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Watch videos of youtube music It will only be possible on a paid YouTube Music Premium subscription, a change that will begin for Canadian users on November 3, the company said in a community forum.

Change means that the free version of youtube music, which is permeated with ads, will only play music, without its users being able to watch videos. They will also have them as new running in the background.

From YouTube, they also point out that functionality such as on-demand music selection and the ability to unlimited skip songs will also become exclusive in Premium mode.

The changes, although it will first arrive in Canada, the company has plans to expand globally.

Keep watching the video

first week of october, Youtube Announce the novelty that a user who started watching a particular video in the app for Android or iOS can resume it from the same point on another screen.

You are offered the option to continue watching the video on a PC with Chrome or a TV with Android TV and an app Youtube, although it is not allowed to resume on mobile phones. This functionality requires Google account sync.

when opening Youtube For a PC, the user will see a pop-up screen in the lower right corner, with the correct run line where they stopped watching the video.

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