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How to avoid adding to spam groups on WhatsApp?

Sometimes WhatsApp annoys with groups spam, with this function you will avoid those problems. (Photo: Reuters/Thomas White)

Latest WhatsApp news. With the advancement in technological products, phone companies are looking for new resources to provide a better user experience. However, there are times when people add you to a group where only spam or junk messages are shared. How do you avoid it? Practical and simple with the following steps.

The simple option in these cases It would be leaving a WhatsApp group, but you always run the risk of being added again or a stranger memorizing your number and typing. Therefore, it is necessary to know what function you can choose who can add you to a group conversation.

How do you avoid it?

Pay attention to the steps that do not need third-party applications, which are available on both Android and iOS.

In WhatsApp, tap on the three-dot icon in the upper right corner.

-Click on Settings.

-Go to the account.

-Click on the Privacy submenu

– Scroll to the Groups section

– Once inside this section, you can select one of the three privacy options provided by WhatsApp:

everybody: Any user can add you to a group, even if you are not in your contact list. This is the option you should avoid.

My contacts: Only people in your contact list will be able to add you to groups

My contacts, except…: You can restrict any contact and prevent them from adding you to groups without having to block them. However, use it if it is someone close that you want to keep in touch with but avoid their constant calls.

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This way, after choosing that certain contacts cannot add you to WhatsApp groups, you will end spam threads and groups that have filled your account with notifications and messages that do not interest you.

How to set “Halloween Mode” in WhatsApp on Android?

Next, we show you step by step to activate “Halloween Mode” On WhatsApp:

-Download the app Nova Launcher In the Google Play Store.

Set the app as the default app.

-Search for a Google PNG image of the WhatsApp icon type in a Halloween style and upload it.

Hold on the WhatsApp logo for a few seconds.

– A series of options will be displayed, select “Edit”.

Click on the green WhatsApp icon.

Enter the folder where the image is saved and select it.

-This way the icon will already have a Halloween look.

Reasons to suspend your account

1. Spam

WhatsApp differentiates between conversations with a contact you have saved and those you have with an unknown number.

Sending frequent and group messages to phones that you haven’t scheduled will attract the attention of the app team to review your account. In this way, you can enter the list of blocked numbers on the platform.

2. Get Banned

If your number is blocked from WhatsApp by many people – i.e. from five to more – you will get into the application’s radar. More so if the siege by people that are not in your contact list.

It is related to spam, because sending too many irrelevant or unwanted messages will cause this to happen They block you automatically.

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3. Sending misleading messages

If you send misleading messages, spread rumors, or send links using Malware and viruses, share pornography, and illegal material – with content that is obscene, defamatory, defamatory, threatening, harassing, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive, You may end up being suspended indefinitely from continuing to use WhatsApp. Even facing the law.

4. Get a report

If one of your contacts reports you to the WhatsApp team due to unnecessary abusive messages (like the ones mentioned above), the app can take action against you and access your recent conversations to deliberate on the most appropriate punishment.

5. Use of unauthorized apps

If you use your WhatsApp number to create accounts in apps like WhatsApp Plus or GB WhatsApp, the consequences will be permanent. be “alternatives” They modify the application interface and add features that the original version does not have. However, they are prohibited and their use constitutes part of violating the rules of the Program.

6. Upload copyrighted material

You cannot send or upload copyrighted material on WhatsApp to your status: Uploading a YouTube music video to your status or through personal or group chats will incur a penalty.

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