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Zieliński: We realized our plan –

Post-match conference

Woytek, Source:

Jacek Zielinski (Coach Krakow): We are very happy that we won with the current Poland champion. We did not treat this match with such a position that Legia is in crisis. We were determined and played better defensively. This was our plan – find weaknesses in Legia, use counters, and set parts of the game. It worked. If we had been more fortunate, we would have won higher.

We intentionally gave Legia the playing field with the ball in the middle and in the middle of the field. The vertical passes that Josue or Luquinhas played to Emreli were very dangerous. Today it was such a catenaccio, but every road leads to the goal. I’m glad everything went well.

I always feel the support of the fans. Today there were more of them, more than 10,000 – I’m glad to have them with us. We have to do everything we can to fill this playing field.


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hyegon – 2 hours ago *

Lost to such grandparents, they shouldn’t play football, you can defend yourself throughout the match, such a breakdown that I haven’t seen for a long time.


and untie – 1 hour ago, *

HUGON: You know, they probably say the same thing about us. And they are right.


Marriott 85 – 3 hours ago, *

They don’t even have to plan for us anymore, it’s horrible but true


White Legia – 3 hours ago, *

The end of the world as we are already losing to Krakow


The – 3 hours ago, *

We went out 0-0 on our own, and boy says I’m sorry they didn’t win top with half the game mode and 35% ball possession. not hit: d


eg – 3 hours ago, *

@L: Anything is possible when today’s Legia is the opponent. ???? ♀️


Ch – 3 hours ago, *

@L: And what gave the same seat and didn’t score a goal?

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