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ZTE Axon 30 has a better under-screen camera than most smartphones!

ZTE Axon 30 has a better under-screen camera than most smartphones!

This smartphone should be very popular, because it evokes great emotions even before its first presentation. ZTE Axon 30 will debut in a few days with perfect quality display.

The camera built under the upcoming ZTE Axon 30 matrix will be the ace in the case and the main argument for buyers, but it is worth knowing that the smartphone itself will have a lot to offer.

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Will the Axon 30 like the screen quality?

ZTE is promoting the beautiful Axon 30 display in full swing. In fact, there’s a lot to be proud of, as a massive 6.92-inch matrix will span the front. It will be flat and fill almost the entire space thanks to the built-in camera for selfies.

Photo: ZTE

The image resolution will be Full HD +, but this is still something new – it will be real icing on the cake 100% color coverage of the DCI-P3 panel, Which most matrices used in smartphones have a problem with. For such colors and the absence of defects in the image, it is worth the money.

Axon 30 will support you naturally too Image dampening at 120 Hz, To make websites and apps look smoother. There was no such thing in the predecessor, so the manufacturer deserves another advantage.

The camera itself will be placed under multiple layers that allow light to pass into the lens. There is talk of up to ten layers that photons have to overcome – remember that an under-display selfie camera is one thing, displaying a flawless image is another, and you have to keep the balance between them.

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